Until Dawn

Until Dawn will last you nine hours on one playthrough

Will Byles: "When people play this, there will be a lot they won't be able to see."

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Until Dawn is coming to PS4 next week, and Sony is doing the usual European Media Tour with one of its producers, in this case, Will Byles, Creative Director at Supermassive Games. We had the opportunity to chat with Will for a few minutes earlier today, where we got to learn more about Until Dawn's longevity:

"We had put it in our head that, when people play this, there will be a lot they won't be able to see, but we don't know who is gonna see what. It is a little bit frustrating, but in the end we needed to make sure that no matter the path you choose, it was a satisfying path, that it worked, and that the player didn't feel cheated. We couldn't have a version that only lasted an hour, for example."

"That took a lot of structural work, to map all the options out really, really carefully. We used a very sophisticated software for that, with something of a 3D map, and that was a feat on itself, to make things happen. We also had to populate those areas with gameplay, dialogue, action... It was a lot of work. In the end, I would say nine hours is a safe bet for the first playthrough."

We will be publishing the full interview during the next few days, but you can also check a previous interview between Nick Holmberg and the same Will Byles below. Until Dawn will launch exclusively on the PS4 on August 26.

Until DawnUntil DawnUntil Dawn

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