Until Dawn

Until Dawn: "there's no wrong decision"

"Regardless of how you get to the end of this game - you'll get to the end of this game," says creative director.

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With our new hands-on with the game tantalising us, we've got a better understanding of the horror title's branching storyline in a chat with its creative director Will Byles.

"There is no wrong decision," he says of the hundreds of permutations that can impact the story's direction, and that by having only the most recent save state recorded, it stops people going back and tweaking the outcome ("that bad decision may have a bigger knock-on that's a much better decision. So you don't know.")

Choices won't be clear-cut ("sometimes it's a bad choice or another bad choice"), nor will there be an obvious moral judgement to make.

"We try not to be moralistic about it. The morals are your own morals, what you want to do. Do you save the girl, do you go for your own safety, do you shoot somebody... there's a whole bunch of choices in there, but they're your choices. and there's no right or wrong choices. Regardless of how you get to the end of this game - you'll get to the end of this game."

While the director imagines most will play it "and keep everyone alive", with a cast of eight there may be some characters that don't gel with the player, but the cast are able to develop based on their experiences and become better people (or not) as a result of their actions.

"You can have a character that goes through this game and comes out really heroic, or he can come out as a complete douche. He can be really, really unpleasant, depending on how you choose to speak, depending on what you chose to do. So we have this thing where we can see the character updates, you can actually go to a screen and find what your character's changed from from the beginning of it. They all do."


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