Just Cause

Universal Pictures is making a Just Cause movie

And it even has a director already.

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Where movie adaptations of video games used to be something we often scoffed at because of their poor quality, the situation today is completely different. There are plenty of great series being produced, including The Last of Us, Fallout and Castlevania - and The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a huge hit.

As a result, Hollywood is desperately looking for games to be filmed and the next project confirmed in the pipeline is Just Cause. The film is based on Swedish developer Avalanche Studios' action-packed game series, and it will be Universal Pictures that has the honour of landing the venture.

The director has already been confirmed and it will be Blue Beetle creator Ángel Manuel Soto who leads the film adaptation, but otherwise details are scarce. On the face of it, Rico Rodriguez's adventures should work well on film, but the games rely heavily on experimentation with insane physics and the discovery of a large game world by using a grappling hook and wingsuit - which are factors that may be a little harder to capture, don't you think?

Just Cause

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