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Universal is working on a new Doom movie

We probably won't see it in theatres though.

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Universal Pictures is making a new movie based on Doom. This was confirmed by Universal to Variety, after actress and singer Nina Bergman wrote on Twitter she signed to appear in the new Doom movie.

"Wow, I'm doing the next 'Doom' movie with Universal Pictures! I just signed all the paperwork. I get to go back to Bulgaria again and work with some of my favorite people. This movie with a super cool director AND my new record coming out, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world", Bergman wrote.

Universal 1440 Entertainment, responsible for live-action and animated non-theatrical productions, is in charge of the project. This means we will probably see the movie on a digital platform such as Netflix. Other projects Universal 1440 is currently working on include a new Tremors movie and a Death Race sequel.


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