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Unity shuts down third-party licenses, causing panic

Unsolved license disputes are triggering the alarm.

Unity has been bickering with a technology service provider called Improbable over the violations of terms and conditions since December, after the owner of the development kit updated its guidelines on streaming and cloud gaming, and since the two companies couldn't reach an agreement, this week Unity was forced to end its cooperation with Improbable and switched off their license authorisations.

This rang the alarm bells of many developer studios, because current and upcoming projects rely on third-party technologies such as Improbable's, and are now at risk of being no longer protected by Unity, as reported by

In fact, earlier this week Improbable posted a warning about the huge dangers that Unity has created by disabling their licenses, but Unity rejects these allegations and provide their own response. Unity reassured extensive support to affected developers for all current and future projects, and made it clear they wanted to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

Regardless of these assurances though, and Engadget report that individual games have been affected, including Dynamight Studios' MMO Fractured, which is plunged into uncertainty thanks to this move, while other games like Worlds Adrift are still able to operate.

Meanwhile, Improbable has called for an industry-wide initiative that secures business partners against sudden changes in terms of conditions, so it seems this saga isn't quite over, what with so much still uncertain and undecided.

Unity shuts down third-party licenses, causing panic

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