This War of Mine

"Unique ideas" key as 11 Bit look beyond This War of Mine

"The next game will be a good one, but about a completely different topic," says senior writer Pawel Miechowski.

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We sat down with senior writer Pawel Miechowski from 11 Bit Studios to talk about the reception of This War of Mine, how the game will be expanded, tablet versions and what the studio hopes to do next.

"Basically we did know that we did a great job because we had the vision [of This War of Mine] from the very beginning and we stayed close to the vision the entire time," says Miechowski of the launch of This War of Mine. "And I saw gamers interested in it. And press interested in it so I knew there was some buzz... But I didn't expect we could be that successful commercially and critically so it was a huge success for us."

This War of Mine was a very different kind of game compared to 11 Bit Studios' previous work that include Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker's Journey, Anomaly: Korea, Anomaly 2 and Anomaly Defenders.

"I think each time is different because we want to be competitive let's say on the market or in the industry via unique gameplay ideas," explains Miechowski. "So Anomaly was our idea to turn the tower defense genre upside down and we've made a few games in the series. By the way I'm completely exhausted with Anomaly so the last one was completely the last one we closed the series. I mean I loved it, but if you work a few years on one title it may be a bit... burning out. So I'm burnt out on Anomalies. But with This War of Mine it was also a question of looking for a unique idea."

"In the next game we also want to create something unusual and mix some genres," continues the senior writer. "We already have a really good idea which is in development, but it's too early to talk about it. So I think each time we want to look for some new areas to explore, but I wouldn't say we'll always make a serious game. Because then we would become like a director who always makes movies about wars. And we don't want to do that. We want to be the director that makes a good movie each time, but it doesn't need to be a war movie each time or action movie. So the next game I believe will be as good as this one, but about a completely different topic."

The tablet version already has four months in development and Miechowski estimates it will be a couple more months until its ready for release. He also teases new upcoming content and charity DLC they worked on pro bono.

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