Fear the Wolves

Unified update adds vaulting and more to Fear the Wolves

After a rocky start to life, Vostok's post-nuclear battle royale offering is finally starting to mutate into something more refined.

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A new patch to Vostok Game's battle royale is out now. The Unified updated is Vostok's attempt to improve the player experience with a range of features and improvements.

The name of the update comes from the new Unified game mode, which makes teams of two the default while also placing the entire player base (solo and duo squads alike) in the same matchmaking pool. This means that while you can still play solo - keeping all the equipment you find for yourself - you could easily find yourself in a 1v2 situation.

Alongside this new mode comes other additions such as an in-game squad voice chat, vaulting, and a pre-game waiting room, which were often requested features among the game's community. Contextual hints have also been added, which may lead to useful loot you and your partner can argue over.

Also included in the patch are some general improvements to pre-existing features. This includes faster online queues, a revamped in-game UI and general optimisations.

Fear the Wolves is out right now on Steam Early Access for £16.99, with a planned release date sometime early this year.


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