UNICEF and Outright Games are teaming up to support vulnerable children

The game publisher has committed to raising £200,000 a year to help UNICEF in this effort.

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The game publisher known largely for its kids titles, Outright Games, has announced that it has teamed up with UNICEF to become the charity's first "official long term video game industry partner".

This partnership has been kicked into effect as Outright is looking to help UNICEF in its efforts of protecting the world's most vulnerable children, and will see them doing so by committing to raise £200,000 every year for this cause.

To help achieve this, Outright will be launching a limited-time bundle next week that includes titles from its portfolio, with this bundle featuring Transformers, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig games, and going on sale for £19.99 from April 28 until May 12.

"We are incredibly proud to support UNICEF UK as their first official partner from the video games industry," said Beth Goss, CEO of Outright Games. "Our aim is to take our best in class stable of licensed IP's and the passion of our global team to help improve the lives of all children across the world. We are excited to bring our community together to make a difference to those children who need help the most."

We're told in a press release that Outright will be looking to release other similar bundles over the course of the year, as well as hosting "high-profile activations" that aim to increase awareness of UNICEF's cause and help hit its £200,000 goal as well.

UNICEF and Outright Games are teaming up to support vulnerable children

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