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Uncle Fester confirmed for Wednesday, but the actor is a secret

We'll know more when the series debuts in late November.

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We have seen both images and trailers from the upcoming TV series Wednesday, which is based on the ever popular Addams Family and premieres on November 23. But so far, we haven't seen the perhaps most popular character of the franchise, which is Uncle Fester.

The most famous incarnation is probably the one from the two feature films of the early 90s, (The Addams Family and Addams Family Values) in which Fester was played by Christopher Lloyd, but the character also got a NES game called Fester's Quest in 1990, which became pretty popular and is considered a classic.

So has the Tim Burton produced Wednesday series simply forgot about Uncle Fester? Fortunately, the answer is no. In an interview with, Burton confirms that Fester will indeed "show up", but wishes to keep the actor a secret. We know Christina Ricci (who played the character Wednesday in the two above mentioned movies) is in the Wednesday TV series as well, but it's unclear who she will play as this is also a secret. If she has something to do with the character Uncle Fester is currently unknown, but it has been speculated that there is a connection.

Uncle Fester confirmed for Wednesday, but the actor is a secret

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