Uncharted actor says Wahlberg shouldn't play Nathan Drake

Nolan North also thinks it'll be a while before an Uncharted movie sees the light of day.

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Nolan North, the actor who plays Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games, has chimed in on the debate about who should play Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie.

Mark Wahlberg was attached to the film project for a while, but North isn't too keen on that choice: "The last I heard Mark Wahlberg was still in the running, but I really don't see it," he says to The Daily Star.

There have also been rumours that Chris Pratt had been offered the role and turned it down. North says that Pratt would be a great choice, but he also understands why he would turn it down.

"I thought Chris Pratt would do it justice, but guess what he did it already in Guardians of the Galaxy--that was a Nathan Drake character. He's vulnerable, he's kinda funny, he's kinda that hero with a smirk, cocky and confident. That scene when he says 'I'm Starlord'--that's such a Drake moment."

In case anyone's hoping that North will take on the part himself, don't count on it. The actor says he's too old.

"I wanted the part, back 10 years ago when I was 34/35 doing this kinda thing, but it's taken forever," he says. "Who knows, maybe by the time the producers get it together, I'll be old enough to play Sullivan."

Gamereactor met Nolan North just before the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. You can see that interview below.

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