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Unbound: Worlds Apart

Unbound: Worlds Apart is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in February 2022

A physical release is also on the way.

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Unbound: Worlds Apart, a creative hand-drawn platformer from Alien Pixel Studios, is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in February 2022. First up is the PS4 and PS5 release, which is scheduled for February 9, and then the Xbox One and Xbox Series versions are set to follow on February 11. It has been confirmed too that a physical PlayStation release is coming soon and this will be published by Perp Games.

Unbound, if you are unaware, features several portal-shifting mechanics keep its platforming and puzzle solving mechanics feeling fresh. One of these, for example, shrinks you down to the size of a bug, and another enables you to walk along the ceiling. The map here has a Metroidvania structure, and there are secrets that can be found using these mechanics.

Unbound: Worlds Apart originally launched on July 7 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

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