Ultros shows off more trippy visuals in new trailer

The Metroidvania is set for release in just under a month.

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Cosmic aliens, psychedelic visuals, fast-paced Metroidvania gameplay. What more could you ask for? If any of those things float your boat, Ultros just released a new trailer with all of the above.

It comes from a two-man team, one half of which helped create the iconic, trippy look of a lot of Hotline Miami's visuals. As you can see in the trailer, rather than splitting gangster's heads on the streets of Miami, we'll instead be fighting against massive, weird aliens in Ultros.

As well as fighting against evil alien life, you'll also be cultivating your own space garden in The Sarcophagus. The new trailer for Ultros highlights how the duality of the game works, with high-octane action one minute followed by gardening soon after.


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