Ultrakill developer gives people the thumbs-up on pirating his game

"If you don't have money, you can support via word of mouth."

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Pirating games is rather controversial, to say the least. A lot of gamers have probably at least thought about doing it, as it can be a big investment to buy a full-priced game without knowing whether it's going to be worth your time. However, that's why demos and sales exist.

Still, people will just pirate sometimes, and a recent post on Twitter/X of someone pirating Ultrakill went viral, sparking a conversation around piracy when it comes to indie games. As Ultrakill isn't made from a AAA studio, and on a sale it can be very cheap, many wondered what the point was in not supporting the creator.

However, the creator of the game himself, Hakita, came in to say that it was okay to pirate his game. "You should support indies if you can, but culture shouldn't exist only for those who can afford it. Ultrakill wouldn't exist if I hadn't had easy access to movies, music and games growing up," he wrote.

It's important to highlight this is not a blanket approval of piracy, and if you can support a game developer, you should. However, if someone cannot afford a game anyway, as Hakita points out, it doesn't exactly count as a lost sale if it is pirated.


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