UK's best sitcom is potentially gearing up for a return

Peep Show star Robert Webb reveals plans for a return to Mark and Jez's life.

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With strong writing, comedy that'll make you cringe in the best way, and characters you're never really sure if you should like, Peep Show had it all. With David Mitchell and Robert Webb along with writing by Jesse Armstrong (Succession), it's little wonder as to why people want a return to this critically acclaimed series.

Speaking to NME, Webb revealed that there has been a plan in the works about how/when the series would return. "We've always said that it would be funny to go back and see them as old men," Webb said. "Living in the same flat and having the same arguments."

The show follows flatmates Mark and Jeremy as they try to muddle their way through life. It was first released in 2003 and has since gone down as a classic bit of British TV. Hopefully, if a return is in the works, it can live up to the quality of the original series.

UK's best sitcom is potentially gearing up for a return
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