Civilization VII

Ukrainian entrepreneur thinks Ukraine should be playable in Civilization VII

Much of the things represented by Russia in the games is in fact Ukrainian culture and history.

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During Summer Game Fest a few days ago, Civilization VII was announced, which will be released next year. It will be the first regular game in the series in nine years, as part six was released in 2016.

In an opinion piece for the Kyiv Independent, Ukrainian entrepreneur Yaroslav Azhnyuk points out a number of flaws with Civilization VI that he hopes will be fixed for the seventh game, and writes that he wishes Ukraine could be its own civilization this time around, pointing out:

"You can play as Poland, Russia, Hungary, Georgia, and even historical entities like Scythia. This is puzzling, considering Ukraine's significant historical impact."

Azhnyuk notes that several typically Ukrainian elements in the game are instead portrayed as Russian, mentioning "the in-game Russian civilization has appropriated Ukrainian cultural elements, including its unique unit, the Cossack horsemen warriors, and its unique building, the Lavra church."

In addition, the Russian spelling of Kiev has long since been abandoned by the world media in favor of the Ukrainian Kyiv. Given that Ukraine is many centuries older than Russia, is a nation of 50 million people, and that what is portrayed in the game as Russian is not even Russian, Azhnyuk concludes:

"With this piece, I humbly request that the hardworking teams at Firaxis and 2K Games collaborate on adding Ukraine to "Civilization VII." There's a passionate community of gamers, historians, artists, and even diplomats and politicians who would love to contribute. Given the current global events and heightened interest in Ukraine, it's not just a smart business decision - it's an opportunity to educate people worldwide about a 50-million-strong European nation with a rich thousand-year history that has often been underestimated and understudied."

What do you think, should Ukraine be a playable nationality in Civilization VII and represent its own history instead of having Russia do it?

Civilization VII

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