UK retailer GAME ends rewards card scheme

A potential signal of doom for the UK's largest gaming retailer?

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With digital storefronts and subscription services as popular as ever, even titans of the gaming retail world aren't doing as well as they used to. GameStop had to be saved by people buying the stock for the meme, for example, and UK's own version of GameStop GAME is currently ending its rewards scheme.

In a press release, GAME revealed GAME Reward cards were shutting down on the 31st of July. You'll stop earning points from the 15th of July, so if you want to put those points you've earned to good use, you might want to act fast.

The unfortunate thing is that most in-person stores won't process points as a payment method, so you'll have to redeem them via the website. As one of the last reasons left for people to stay shopping at a GAME store, this certainly doesn't look good for the brand.

UK retailer GAME ends rewards card scheme
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