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UK next in line to receive Microsoft Flight Simulator enhancements

Featuring new airports and 50-60 points of interest, Great Britain has never looked so great.

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Earlier this week, Asobo Studios and Microsoft released the second World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was dedicated to the USA and enhanced the vast and mighty country in several ways. The first update was released in late September, and was all about Japan, and now the developers has confirmed during a Twitch stream which region will be updated in the third World Update.

It turns out it is time for good ole' Great Britain to become great again, or at least the main continent (England, Scotland and Wales). We can look forward to 50-60 points of interest being severely updated, like churches, universities and other famous buildings - of which there are no shortage in United Kingdom. Also airports like Land's End, Liverpool EEGP and Manchester Barton will be added.

So what about Ireland? Well, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, said this during the stream:

"We have awesome data for England, Wales and Scotland. We have a completely new set of aerials. Thank you, Bing, it's really cool. We are trying hard to get data for at least Northern Ireland but we might as well do all of Ireland. We're working on this. I hope to have an update there."

Are you looking forward to check out St George's Hall in Liverpool from above, do barrel rolls around the Palace of Westminster in London and marvel at the mighty ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire whenever World Update III for Microsoft Flight Simulator is released?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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