UK gamers to buy a PS5 rather than an Xbox Series X

If the result of a recent poll are to be believed, the PlayStation 5 will do better sales-wise than the Xbox Series X in the UK.

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British pop culture agency Experience12 decided to find out which new gaming console people think to prefer, and how soon after launch they are going to get it. Sony's PlayStation 5 seems to be a clear winner.

Over 3000 people gave an answer, and 80% of respondents were between 18 and 34 years old. Respondents were 58% male, 38% female, 2% "non-conforming" and 1% transgender.

84% were most excited about the PlayStation 5, and only 15% were most excited about Xbox Series X. 37% said that they intend to buy a new console "at launch", 9% said that they are making a purchase "within a month", 12% within 3 months after launch and full 26% intend to buy a new console within 6 months after launch.

43% said that their most anticipated game is CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. No surprises there it seems.

Which console are you going to buy, and when? And what is your most anticipated game? Leave your comments below.

UK gamers to buy a PS5 rather than an Xbox Series X

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