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Microsoft Flight Simulator

UK and Ireland gets huge Microsoft Flight Simulator update

Players can now marvel over iconic locations such as Stonehenge and Loch Leven.

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As we previously have reported, UK and Ireland were next in line for a World Update to Microsoft Flight Simulator, which was going to launch a few days ago. But as you know, everything gets delayed these days.

Now the update has been released and thanks to this, we can now marvel at the many world famous landmarks (both manmade and natural) that's is gracing the United Kingdom and Ireland like the cliffs of Dover, the mighty Windsor castle, the vast Snowdonia natural park in Wales, Loch Leven in Scotland and of course the Stonehenge.

Next in line to get a world update is France and Benelux, which should launch in March. But then again... pandemic and all that. It could very well end up being April, but we don't mind for free content this good.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out since August last year for PC and is coming to Xbox Series S/X this summer. Check out the stunning UK and Ireland World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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