EA Sports UFC

UFC dev on patches, roster updates and UFC 2

Assistant producer on the future of EA's latest sports title.

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EA Sports UFC is released this week in the UK, yet the team at EA Canada are already thinking about what the future holds for the title, as we quizzed assistant producer Jazz Brousseau at E3 last week. Apparently while some of the studio are relaxing, others doing press tours, those left in the office are tinkering with what's next.

"Some of us have been working on the patch and post-launch content," Brousseau explained. "It's all about preparing for a smooth launch, making sure we have all the pieces in place to make sure that nothing goes wrong... we do have some things in the works. We'll be working on roster updates, adding guys to the roster. It's something we're very conscious of, to expand that roster, to include as many fighters in the UFC."

When we asked if the team had the mindset in place for the long game of post-launch tweaks as comes with the EA Sports territory, Brousseau responded:

"There's two things. One is what more can we do to support this game once it comes out, updating the roster to reflect the current champions, and the other part of it is looking forward to UFC 2 and capitalising on things we weren't able to get to. Part of it is focusing on launch - a smooth launch - and we have a roadmap for the next year or so. But it's also looking beyond that, and we're already dreaming up big ideas."

We queried what the team had to skip over for this first entry.

"This is true of all games: you start off ambitious. You start off with this grand plan, and slowly things whittle down to ‘what are the core things we need to focus on and we want to do?'. And for UFC we wanted to focus on the gameplay, the fighter likeness; we wanted players to feel the fight and set a standard for what the next generation of sports games is going to look like."

You can watch the full interview below.


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