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AI: The Somnium Files

Uchikoshi: "I slept with Kodaka, so I think we will have a child"

Zero Escape series creator teases Gamereactor readers on when the collaborative definitive plot with Danganronpa's creator could happen.

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In the past decade series such as Zero Escape and Danganronpa brought the Japanese visual novel/murder mystery genre to new audiences overseas thanks to the captivating scenarios and scripts written by Kotaro Uchikoshi and Kazutaka Kodaka. The two left Spike Chunsoft in 2017 and joined forces together with other well-known artists such as musician Masafumi Takada and illustrator Rui Komatsuzaki to form Too Kyo Games (a pun between Tokyo and too "crazy" in Japanese). However, it seems like the two renowned writers followed separate paths so far, with Uchikoshi-san recently publishing the greatly-received AI: The Somniunm Files.

But ever since the creation of the studio, fans have excitingly wondered when the two would truly collaborate and that's exactly what we asked Uchikoshi-san in a soon-to-be-published Gamereactor interview:

"Thank you!", said Uchikoshi-san when told about expectations and asked when that collaborative dream game would come true; "I shared a bed with Kodaka last night, so after 9 months I think I will have a child."

Of course, the answer seems both like a teaser and a joke filled with Uchikoshi's typical humour. It's worth mentioning that Death March Club, the studio's next game, will release in 2020 with Kodaka as creative director and Uchikoshi as scenario writer and director, so even though its gameplay gravitates towards the side-scrolling puzzle action-adventure style, it'll be a first taste of what these two writing legends can achieve together. But can we expect their hypothetical collaborative visual novel/murder mystery to finally be born around February 2021? Only time will tell.

The complete interview with Uchikoshi-san combines more jokes with heavily in-depth answers, and revolves around his peculiar creative process for such complex plots, exploring mental health issues in video games, nailing endings, and much, more. So, if you're one of those eager Zero Escape fans, look forward to its popping up on Gamereactor very soon.

AI: The Somnium Files

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