Ubisoft will be hosting a XDefiant All-Star Series to mark the game's arrival

16 of the best FPS competitors are slated to be in attendance.

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Ubisoft is making its intentions pretty damn clear about XDefiant. The game has clearly been shaped to suit competitive and esports action, and we're seeing this already as to mark its long-awaited arrival it will be hosting a tournament featuring some of the FPS scene's best.

Ubisoft notes that the XDefiant All-Star Series will feature "16 of the best FPS competitors ever to battle for a cash prize in 4v4 XDefiant." It's unclear as of right now who these players will be and what the teams will look like, or even what the total prize pool will be.

What we do know is that more information about the qualifying round will be shared this week, and that the actual finals for the event will be held on May 21, just in time for XDefiant's proper launch.


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