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Ubisoft wants feedback on The Division's gear sets

A survey and a forum thread allow players to offer their thoughts.

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Ubisoft are keen to get feedback from players about the gear sets in the game, which come with specific bonuses and traits when the full set is equipped.

There's a one-question survey which asks players to select the gear sets they prefer, with bonuses listed beside it, but there's also a forum thread to offer feedback on gear sets too.

This seems to be part of an effort on Ubisoft's part to find out which of the 13 sets are the best and is one aspect of their community outreach effort in order to make the game better. Patch 1.4 will hopefully make positive changes, especially since DLC has been delayed to improve the main game, while the workflow has also changed to include public test servers to eliminate issues with upcoming patches.

The Division

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