Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft unveils UK Ireland Nationals for R6: Siege

Broadcast partnerships, the prize pool and more unveiled.

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We just got word from Ubisoft about its plans for Rainbow Six: Siege here on the edge of Europe with the UK Ireland Nationals finally detailed by the publisher. Promod Esports is their delivery partner and will help bring competitive matches to players competing for £25k in prize money during the Summer 2020 Season.

Qualifiers start on June 20/21, and the competition will start with round-robin group matches, with the best two progressing to the final. The rest will then battle it out in the playoffs for the last two spots before the winners then contest the summer season and a place in the EU Challenger League.

"After the successes of UK Rainbow Six Siege esports over the past few years, we're excited to build upon that with the UK and Ireland Nationals," Ubisoft's Will Attwood wrote. "We've been able to foster the growth of UK teams like Na'vi who have gone from strength to strength developing from UK champions to winning the Tokoname Pro League last year.

"The addition of a second division to help more teams make the transition to top national level play as well as a number of broadcast upgrades, will help take the UK scene to the next level."

For more details on the tournament, head this way.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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