Ubisoft translating their franchises into family-friendly shows

Their animation branch is working on several projects, including Rabbids, Rayman, Hungry Shark, Watch Dogs, and more.

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An exclusive story from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Ubisoft is developing a load of animated series inspired by its IPs, including a Rabbids Invasion special taking us to Mars, following on from the kids show.

That's not the only family-friendly offering though, as other programs include a "comedy-adventure" based on Rayman, and Hungry Shark Squad, inspired by the Hungry Shark mobile game.

"Every show has a different target that it's aiming at and a different format," Ubisoft Film & Television, Paris managing director Helene Juguet said to The Hollywood Reporter.

There's a teen "cybermystery" series coming as well, based on Watch Dogs and following a super hacker, and Ubisoft says "the animated television show involving hacking is inspired by the themes and ideas of the Watch Dogs brand but it is not set in the same universe or tied to it directly."

Netflix's Castlevania producer Adi Shankar has also come on board to partner for Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, based on Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon DLC. This is set to form a multiverse for Ubiosft, and there's even an animated sketch comedy on the way, addressing elements of gaming culture.

"Adi is such a great fan of video games. We share the same culture and references," Juguet says. "It's been great to give him the freedom to do something very fresh and bold with our characters."

The animation studio also has an "incubator team", filled with creatives bringing games to other media. "Our goal is to translate that into an innovative visual and engaging storytelling in animation," Juguet said.

This isn't Ubisoft's first foray into TV and film, as Rob McElhenney announced at E3 this year that he's helping to make a show about game development called Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, and a film based on The Division is also on the way.

What Ubisoft franchises should get the same treatment?

Ubisoft translating their franchises into family-friendly shows

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