Skull and Bones

Ubisoft: The response to Skull and Bones has been tremendous

The pirating simulator seems to be performing well, if we go by Ubisoft's own information and phrasing.

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In February, Skull and Bones was finally released after a long development time. While we at Gamereactor thought it was highly substandard at release, Ubisoft says that the response has been "tremendous" to the game's Season 1. This is what they write in a new blog on their website:

"Let us begin by saying how amazing it has been for all of us working on Skull and Bones to witness the tremendous response from our entire community since the launch of our game [...] From the ways our players engage with our game and content, to the ton of screenshots, videos and livestreams shared across social media, Discord and Reddit."

"Tremendous" is a somewhat ambivalent word that is not necessarily positive in itself, as it is often used as an adverb to emphasise something that is particularly good or bad. Ubisoft also continues to never specify throughout the post what exactly is tremendous, other than that the commitment was just "great".

"It is thanks to your incredible engagement, that we were able, throughout Season 1, to observe, listen, understand, and more importantly react to your feedback on a weekly basis [...] Our commitment continues to remain the same - to create and update our game together, with our community. This wouldn't have been possible without the passion and dedication you've shown to Skull and Bones."

This follows on from Skull and Bones apparently getting off to a very slow start, but perhaps the ship is about to turn around? With Season 2 around the corner - and two more planned according to the Year 1 roadmap, Ubisoft seems to want to continue to support their somewhat troubled pirate simulator for at least another year.

Skull and Bones

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