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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft teases new Rainbow Six: Siege Operators

We don't get much information, but Ubisoft is clearly gearing up to show us more about the American and Danish Operators.

While Year 4 of Rainbow Six: Siege content kicked off with Operation Burnt Horizon earlier this year - bringing us a new Australian map and two Operators from down under - we have yet to get details on what's coming with the second drop, although the official Twitter account for the game has given us a little tease.

"Look carefully... what do you see?" is the question posed to us, but in reality there's very little to see in the teaser. All we know is that one of the Operators will be American, while the other will be Danish, the latter of which brand director Alex Remy told us is "really awesome" when we spoke to him back in February.

Are you excited for the new content?

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