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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft takes action against DDoS and DoS attackers

Since Ubisoft released the latest content update for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Ember Rise, the game has seen an increase in DDoS and DoS attacks targeting servers.

Ubisoft is taking action against players using DDoS and DoS attacks to target the Rainbow Six: Siege servers after noticing an increase in just these types of attacks following the release of Operation Ember Rise, the latest content update to hit the game. The perpetrators will now face permanent bans from the game and the worst offenders will be facing legal action, VG247 reported via Bluesnews.

The bans will be issued in the coming week on both PC and console and in an effort to eliminate the problem, the following will be done: the three matches hosted per server will drop to one, the escalating abandon sanction will be removed and Ubisoft will adjust how it manages network data and how it accepts packets sent to the Rainbow Six: Siege servers (the latter happening in October).

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