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Ubisoft is working to bring owned Stadia games to PC

The publisher is looking to compensate those at a loss due to Stadia's upcoming shutdown by converting owned products onto Ubisoft Connect.

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Ever since Google announced that Stadia would be shutting down in January, we've seen various developers and publishers scrambling and putting out statements revealing that they are looking into ways to compensate and support the players who are losing out due to the platform's collapse.

The latest of this bunch is Ubisoft, who has since published a tweet outlining its plans for tackling this problem. Essentially the publisher aims to compensate those who will be losing out by bringing the Stadia games users own to PC through Ubisoft Connect. The exact details surrounding the situation has yet to be determined, and likewise the effect this will have on Ubisoft+ subscribers has yet to be figured out, but we're told to expect further information very soon.

"While Stadia will shut down on January 18, 2023, we're happy to share that we're working to bring the games you own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect. We'll have more to share regarding specific details as well as the impact for Ubisoft+ subscribers at a later date."

This is of course on top of Google offering refunds for those who purchased any products and hardware pertaining to Stadia, with the intent for these refunds to be completed as soon as mid-January as well.

Ubisoft is working to bring owned Stadia games to PC

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