Ubisoft Star Wars

Ubisoft is working on an open-world Star Wars game

The Division developers have more than Avatar on their plate, as EA's exclusivity deal is seemingly ending.

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Remember when I teased that Disney and Lucasfilm Games were preparing for a plethora of upcoming Star Wars and Indiana Jones games two days ago and Bethesda confirmed Bethesda's Indiana Jones game yesterday? Now it's time for the second big reveal.

Lucasfilm Games confirms that the The Division 2 and Avatar developers over at Massive Entertainment are working on an open-world Star Wars game as well. We don't get much more in terms of details besides that though, as Julian Gerighty and his team only want to confirm that they're still using the fantastic Snowdrop Engine. The reason for these sparse details is that the project is still extremely early in development, so don't expect to hear anything noteworthy for quite some time either.

Another thing we probably won't learn more about for quite some time is what this means for Electronic Arts' exclusivity deal for Star Wars games. Many suspected that the deal would end after ten years in 2023, but this announcement sure makes it seem like others will get a chance to make something in the galaxies far, far away before then. That means it's time to share your dreams. What do you think about Massive making a Star Wars game, and which other studios would you want to see take a Lightsaber stab at it?

Ubisoft Star Wars

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