Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has plans for two R6 Siege Community Cups

The first games take place this weekend, with another round the week after, with both pro and amateur teams involved.

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Ubisoft is hosting a couple of community events for Rainbow Six: Siege this weekend and next, with both amateur and pro teams competing for a "50,000€ prize pool which will be donated in full to Doctors Without Borders." A worthy cause if ever we've heard one.

Sign-ups for the first event end this week on Saturday, May 16 at 12.55pm BST (a very specific time to be sure), while the second event will take registrations until the same time the following week.

Once the dust has settled on those two community cups, the top three teams from each will join 10 pro teams for the following first phase of the Rainbow Six 2020 European League for the following phase, with three-day long playoffs to determine the teams that will appear in the Grand Finale of the European Open Clash on June 7, which you can watch here.

The play-offs will take place on May 30-31, and then again on Jun 6, with the semi-finals and final starting at 2pm BST on June 7. The first match starts at 1pm BST on Saturday, May 16.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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