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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft gives all the details on the Six Invitational

Including arena plans, teams, prize pool, and much more.

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At the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 finals in Brazil today a panel in between the two semi finals gave us some more information on the upcoming Six Invitational (we've just found out qualifiers will start in December), and it definitely looks to up the scale this year around, as part of a celebration of the game and its esports scene.

Everything from prize pool, number of invited teams, the size of the venue, and capacity for attendees is being upped this year, as well as the duration, as it's an event that will last six days, from February 13 to 18. On top of this commitment is a commitment from Ubisoft to the Pro League for two years starting in 2018, so there's no shortage of ambition there.

Esports manager Jeremy Somville was also on hand to give more specifics on the Six Invitational, the biggest tournament ever for Rainbow Six. 16 teams will compete in Montreal for a prize pool of $500,000 USD, with three days being group stages and three being the main event. What's more is that we also got a peek at the concept for a new 360 arena for the action, to try and bump up the atmosphere at the event even more, a picture of which we've included below.

In terms of format, the 16 teams will be competing in four groups of four and using a GSL format, and at the end of this the two best teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs, played in a classic single elimination format. As we already knew, these will be best-of-three, with the grand final best-of-five, and of course there will be panels to reveal more of the Year 3 content and even an All Star match.

We already know six of the 16 teams that'll be playing, as these will be the three Pro League winners - Penta and Elevate so far - as well as four Pro League Season 3 regional champions, these being eiNs, Ence, Black Dragons, and Evil Geniuses. We then have to wait for today's final to decide the third Pro League winner, and there'll be one community voted team (at the beginning of January); four invitations (again at the beginning of January); and four online qualifiers to round things off. With today's winner, since all possible winning teams have already qualified, the winner will allow their region one more online qualifying spot.

Details on the online qualifiers can be found here. Could this be the best tournament to date for the game?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: Ubisoft

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