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Ubisoft expands Siege revenue-sharing program

The initiative was started last year and is now entering Phase 2, with 16 teams able to get on board from June this year until May 2020.

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Last year Ubisoft revealed that they were launching a revenue-sharing program for Rainbow Six: Siege esports, called the Pilot Program, sharing the wealth with organisations to create what they call a "sustainable, professional esports program" to help mature the scene.

Ubisoft has now revealed that they're expanding this program, increasing the scope of partnerships and continuing to improve on the model already in place. This will start in June this year and run until May 2020, including Seasons 11 and 12 of the Pro League.

The goals include expanding to support more Pro League teams, with up to 16 teams included in Phase 2, and the hope is to "incentivize performance from players and organizations. Players and organizations both stand to benefit from participating in the team's performance, both in and out of the server."

What's more is that Ubisoft also wants to welcome organisations into the Pilot Program through a selection process, with teams both inside and outside of Siege able to submit an application via the link above, which also provides finer details on the guidelines for applying. Applications must come in before April 15 at 17:00 ET (22:00 GMT).

As part of Phase 2, every Pro League set sold will see 30% of the net revenue split equally among all teams in the program, with Pro Team items giving their 30% to the team in question. 30% of that share will be earmarked for players specifically.

When it comes to the Road to Six Invitational event, 30% of the net revenues will go towards the prize pool, and when a Pilot Program team wins prize money at the Six Invitational, the portion of that funded by Road to SI revenues will be split 50/50 between the organisation and players.

Is this a good idea to grow Rainbow Six esports?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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