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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft details upcoming mid-season Siege changes

We're getting tweaks to Lion and plenty of other Operators, and the developer has shared data on win and pick rates for Operators as well.

Season 1 of the fourth year of content for Rainbow Six: Siege kicked off earlier this year with Operation Burnt Horizon, but now Ubisoft has updated players at the halfway point of the season, showing the balancing notes based on information since Operation Wind Baston last year, and the changes that are upcoming based on this data.

Below you can see two charts charting the win and pick rates of Operators - attackers and then defenders - which Ubisoft has shared to inform players of the balancing changes they've made:

Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six: Siege

Lion is one of the Operators that has posed the biggest issues since his introduction last year, even getting removed from Pro League play as a result, and upcoming changes see his scan outline replaced by a red ping debuff, a change we already knew about. The ability warning has been reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds as well, with scanning reduced from 4 to 2 seconds and ability cooldown reduced from 27 to 15 seconds. That said, the number of charges has been bumped from 2 to 3.

"The Lion rework is ready. This change is aimed at reducing the oppressive feeling of his ability while maintaining his intel-gathering role. Following the changes introduced, we expect players to put more thought before using this ability and require more skill to be advantageous for the attacking team," Ubisoft writes.

"By switching from a scan outline to a ping debuff (like Alibi's), the effectiveness of the enemy detection will be diminished. Now, moving defenders can be detected up to three times, with 1 second between pings. Lion's scan will be more viable and will allow defenders to counter-play successful Lion detections."

Ubisoft also had a statement to make on Doc and Rook. "Following the MP5 damage decrease (patch Y3S4.2), we have seen a slight reduction in Doc and Rook pick rates as well as in their win ratios. They both remain two very solid anchors who are now closer [to] the overall pool of defenders in terms of statistics."

For more on the tweaks to Operators like Nomad, Ying, and Ash, check out the full list of changes.

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