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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft cracking down on Rainbow Six: Siege cheaters

Updated code of conduct spells bad news for bad sports.

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Ubisoft has recently updated the code of conduct for Rainbow Six: Siege, which allows for permanent bans for players found cheating.

It's made clear that players found cheating or hacking in any way can be banned on their first offence, however, not all players found cheating are necessarily banned straight away. Players can be given another chance if Ubisoft sees fit, only receiving a temporary ban instead.

Ubisoft uses FairFight, an anti-cheat engine, to detect players cheating in the game. They are also testing a number of other anti-cheat options to help with the fight for fair play.

This comes after Blizzard banned thousands for cheating in Overwatch as well as promising bans for those who cheat in the future.

For more on Rainbow Six: Siege and its policy on cheaters, check out the game's official blog.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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