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Splinter Cell Remake

Ubisoft confirms Splinter Cell Remake

The series will go back to the basics, but also deliver top-tier graphics and modern improvements.

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It's been more than eight years since we got Splinter Cell: Blacklist, so those of us who are big fans of the amazing series have been waiting a long time for another game. Ubisoft hasn't made it any easier by including Sam Fisher in a handful of other games since then, while the rumour-mill has broken many a heart as well. Fortunately, the time of unfulfilled dreams and stupid wanna-be insiders is over.

Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Ubisoft Toronto is working on a remake of the original game. This new version will use Massive's Snowdrop engine (which shows its greatness and diversity in both The Division 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle), so I believe the developers when they say the remake will offer astounding lighting effects, superb animation and so many other improvements in terms of presentation.

Those of you who really haven't liked those ridiculous rumours about Splinter Cell going open-world can relax as well, as this remake will keep the original's linear approach. Sure, it sounds like the environments will be a bit bigger and offer more options, but the goal is to keep the core gameplay the same while also modernising the controls, mechanics and such to make it live up to today's standards.

One of the reasons why we aren't told anything really noteworthy besides these details is that the project is still in a very early phase of development. In fact, it's so early that this announcement was partly made to spread the word about a whole bunch of job listings at the studio that are set to help the nice mix of Splinter Cell veterans and new developers who have laid the groundwork for Splinter Cell Remake. This leaves plenty of room for you to share your thoughts, however, so please let me know what you want to be improved/changed in the remake and what needs to be left alone in the comments.

Splinter Cell Remake

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