Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft "committed to growing the UK siege esports scene"

Marketing manager for Ubisoft UK Chris Place said that 2019 should be an exciting year for fans, although some details are kept under wraps.

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Following the success of ESL's Premiership Winter event, a tournament that put the UK's best Rainbow Six: Siege teams head-to-head last month, we talked with Ubisoft UK's marketing manager Chris Place about UK esports, which isn't going anywhere.

"We're committed to growing the UK Siege esports scene with a second PC season starting early
Jan 2019," he told us. This comes after a successful year for competitive Siege in the UK, with streams of competitive events gaining enough viewers to encourage increased support on Ubisoft's part.

"One of the best things about Siege is it's community so it was great seeing so many people tune in every week to watch the games and turn up for the LAN final. We keep hearing that there's a lot of demand for more UK Siege events, which is really encouraging and an area we definitely want to grow".

Chris Place also mentioned that there would be a competitive Siege presence at EpicLAN, a large LAN event on February 7 in Kettering, and that he is looking forward to more announcements "in the near future".

Did you tune in to the Premiership Winter event?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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