The Division: Heartland

Ubisoft cancels The Division: Heartland

Another big company needs to refocus after trying too many different things at once.

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Both The Division and The Division 2 were so successful for Ubisoft that no one were shocked when the French publisher announced the free-to-play shooter The Division: Heartland back in 2021. Another thing that wasn't especially surprising considering the publisher's history was that the game basically vanished from the face of the earth shortly afterwards. We've mostly just heard about it being delayed over and over again, as the developers at Red Storm struggled with making it feel unique and great. Which brings us to today.

Ubisoft confirms that The Division: Heartland has been cancelled, and that Red Storm and other resources from the project has been redeployed to "bigger opportunities such as XDefiant and Rainbow Six". Kind of interesting that they don't specify Rainbow Six: Siege, but we might see if that's on purpose or not in the Ubisoft Forward showcase on the 10th of June.

The Division: Heartland

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