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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft Barcelona is a key player in the development of Rainbow Six Siege

The Spanish-based studio is also working on Beyond Good & Evil 2 and a yet-to-be-announced project.

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With Ubisoft Forward and all the publisher's announcements for the future of Assassin's Creed and the launch of Skull and Bones still resonating strongly, we've looked back over the summer to highlight the work being done by its Catalonia-based studio.

Because Ubisoft Barcelona is a key player in the development of Rainbow Six Siege, and it was precisely during the R6 Spain Nationals final held at the last edition of Gamepolis that we were able to have a quiet chat with associate producer Kilian Calo about his current work on R6 Siege and beyond.

The studio is having some key projects right now in the whole Ubisoft environment. We are currently developing Rainbow Six: Siege, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and an unannounced project. On Rainbow Six Siege we are kind of around 100 people and we have 4 different teams that are some key teams in Rainbow Six: Siege: the balancing one, that are balancing the game, the operators and so; we have playleads, that are the people in charge of the game modes, match flow, etc.; onboarding, that helps new people to onboard in the game, and the customization that produces almost all the cosmetics of the game. So, yeah, we are very important [in the hole Ubisoft ecosystem].


We also had the opportunity to ask him about the telecommuting culture that has prevailed since the beginning of the pandemic and whether the return to face-to-face events such as Gamepolis will change his way of working and his integration within the company's organisation chart.

I mean, it was a change, that's something that it's for sure, that we changed the way of working. But there was something already kind of remote in Ubisoft, because Ubisoft is a company that tries to have different studios across the world, we have like more than 40 studios. So, we were already kind of used to working with remote studios like Montreal. And in fact, in Rainbow Six: Siege we are 7 studios working simultaneously: Bucharest, Montreal, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Kiev -they are already distributed right now-, and also Shanghai. So, we are already used to the different time zones and different locations.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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