Ubisoft announces the dates for the Trackmania World Tour 2023

We know when each of the respective stages and tournaments will be held.

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Ubsioft has officially revealed the dates and structure for the 2023 Trackmania World Tour. Set to kick off in December 2022, the season will run all the way until autumn 2023, when the World Championship is being held. The schedule is officially as follows.

  • Showdown Weekend - December 17-18

  • Stage 1 - January 21 - March 19

  • All-Stars Championship - April 15-16 and April 22-23

  • Stage 2 - April 29 - June 25

  • All-Stars Championship - August 27 - September 3

  • World Championship - Unspecified date in autumn 2023

Ubisoft has also taken this announcement as a chance to welcome the first brand to the Trackmania World Tour, with this being Kaporal. This sponsor will be integrated into the game with the hope of making the World Tour "even more engaging for our fans," as Omar Benabdallah, esports manager at Ubisoft Nadeo states.


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