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Typing adventure Epistory has launched fully on Steam

We chat about the difficulty of various languages with Fishing Cactus.

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We caught up with Fishing Cactus' Laurent Grumiaux to discuss their latest game Epistory that can be described as an action-adventure where you'll need to type words to defeat enemies and progress.

Epistory was launched via Early Access as the interview was conducted (GDC), and has now launched fully on Steam.

We asked how you balance difficulty when it comes to words.

"The game is already in 8 languages, and German is the hardest one with all the accents," reveals Grumiaux.

"But it's cool because we worked with local teams, the game difficulty is based on the length of the words and how far the letters are from eachother, so depending on the kind of enemies and the kind of puzzles that you have to do in the game it's based on the time you take to type a word. And using magics actually helps you kind of compensate if you're not such a fast typer, cause you can block enemies, you can freeze them to slow the time and everything..."


Grumiaux also discussed the potential of adding multiplayer to the game, something Fishing Cactus are considering.


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