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Two Tribes: "We just didn't feel like starting a new big project"

We get a gameplay demonstration of Rive and talk to co-founder Collin van Ginkel about closing the studio.

We had a chat slash demonstration of Rive with Two Tribes' Collin Van Ginkel. We also talked about this being the final game from the studio and how that decision came to be.

"We've been making games for 15 years, more actually," says van Ginkel. "At some point you start feeling like it's not something you want to do another 15 years. When we were making Rive it was supposed to be like 6-9 months and now we're already working for two years on this game and it will not be out until September. And we just didn't feel like starting a new big project and if you don't feel like that I think you should not do it."

Van Ginkel did emphasis that Two Tribes won't leave players in the dirt, but that Rive will be supported, the studio just won't start a big new project.

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Rive is being developed for PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One and release is planned for September, even if it's not certain that all versions of the game will be ready by then.


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