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Two game-changing modes are coming soon to Rend

Frostkeep announces new PvE and PvP modes that change things up significantly.

There are two new modes coming to Rend's PTR servers, Classic and Exploration, and they promise to shake up the dynamic somewhat in Frostkeep's base-building fantasy action-RPG.

The original mode, which we played when we previewed the game shortly after its early access launch, is now called Faction War, is the mode you'll need to play if you want to carry on with the faction-based PvP and epic Reckoning events that see otherworldly beings attack player-made fortifications.

Classic, however, ditches the Reckonings although there'll still be a PvP element with capture points, battles, player bounties, and so on and so forth. Exploration, on the other hand, is a purely PvE experience where players won't be able to attack each other or their bases.

All the upcoming changes, including the tweaks being made to the research sparks system, are outlined in more detail here, so follow the link if you'd like to know more.


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