Twitter considers charging $20 monthly for verification

It seems like the number of verified accounts might decrease a lot in the future.

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Last week, the multi-billionaire and internet troll Elon Musk finalised his purchase of Twitter, and it looks like he's ready for big changes. One of them is that the Twitter Blue subscription, which provides extra benefits (such as the ability to edit posted tweets and avoid advertising) for $4.99 per month, is to be raised to $19.99.

One of the features reported by The Verge to be baked into the price tag is the ability to have one's account verified with a blue checkmark. This would make it much easier for scammers to impersonate someone else, as the number of verified accounts would likely decrease dramatically. This in turn is something critics consider very serious at a time when unfounded and often outright false information is widely circulated online (China and Russia has frequently been accused of this).

What do you think about the idea yourself, is it a wise proposal that makes Twitter better, or should the plans be abandoned?

Twitter considers charging  monthly for verification

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