Twitch teams up with Overwatch League to reward fans

Including League Tokens, hero emotes, and more.

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The Overwatch League has just started its second stage this week, seeing all 12 teams resume competition once again, and now streaming platform Twitch has revealed that you can earn rewards by watching the League on Twitch, including League Tokens.

"When Overwatch League Season 1 began, we promised to reward viewers who catch all the action on Twitch. Now that Stage 2 is kicking off, it's the perfect time to reveal just how that works," Twitch writes. As part of this, then, by connecting your Battle.net and Twitch accounts you'll get one League Token at the end of every live map finish, and some lucky fans will even get 100 tokens for every final map they watch per map (which is enough to get an in-game skin).

If you're watching you can also Cheer with Bits (the virtual currency used to buy and use a Cheer) to unlock Overwatch League skins not yet available in-game, but everyone has to work together to achieve this. Your own personal Cheering progress also works to unlock exclusive hero emotes to use in-chat too, not to mention team-branded loot. There are even Cheering leaderboards so you can see how you're doing.

That's not all Twitch had to announce though, as more in-game items, behind-the-scenes video content, and other perks are coming soon as well. For more on the currently-announced offers though, check out the official FAQ.

Do you think these are tempting incentives?

Photo: Twitch

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