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Twitch Prime users can grab plenty of free games in August

Those with an active Twitch Prime subscription via Amazon can look forward to plenty of free games and in-game drops this coming month.

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Twitch Prime, the Twitch subscription that's part of the Amazon Prime offer, offers one free Twitch subscription to your favourite streamers but apart from that, there are plenty of other perks available monthly and just recently, the perks for August were revealed.

Members can claim more SNK titles for free in the second of three planned collections with more games becoming available later this year. Those who have yet to do so can also claim the games for the month of July via this link. Apart from free games, you'll also find in-game loot for games such as Doom Eternal, Apex Legends and more through the same link.

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Twitch Prime users can grab plenty of free games in August

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