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League of Legends

Twitch Prime members get free League of Legends loot

This is taking place over the next four months, allowing players to redeem free capsules for in-game goodies.

It's not unusual for Twitch Prime members to get free in-game loot in this day and age, just by watching their favourite games, and now Twitch Prime has teamed up with Riot Games to offer Prime members four months of content for League of Legends, starting yesterday.

"League of Legends has been one of the most-watched games on Twitch for years, and partnering with Riot to offer four months' worth of League of Legends loot to members is the kind of amazing content we get really excited about," said Larry Plotnick, Director, Twitch Prime. "We're striving to make Prime the absolute best deal in gaming, and we're off to a big start in 2019—we've already offered our members more than $900 worth of games and content this year. And that's just the beginning. Stay tuned, because there's a lot more goodness coming this summer."

You can head to this link right now to claim a Rift Herald's Capsule with two random Skin Shards, a Legendary Skin Shard, and an exclusive emote. Once this is claimed, you'll automatically get another capsule every 30 days for four months, these being a Rift Herald's Capsule, a Red Buff's Capsule, and a Blue Buff's Capsule, followed by a Baron's Capsule. The final capsule features a random Permanent Legendary Skin, as well as another random Skin Shard and exclusive emote.

You have until August 28 to get involved and claim the first capsule. Have you already done it?

League of Legends

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