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Twitch is taking legal action against explicit Artifact streamers

The massively popular service is making a claim against a pair of streamers after they flooded the platform with adult content.

  • Ben LyonsBen Lyons

Hugely popular streaming service Twitch is taking legal recourse against a pair of streamers who were found to repeatedly break their contracts with the platform. The two accounts named "John and Jane Does 1 through 100" were banned for streaming pornography, gore and copyrighted material over the platform in Artifact's (Valve's card-based game which received zero views on May 17) category.

Ever since the game suffered such a low viewership base, the category has been a magnet for delinquent behaviour. In fact, Twitch has banned countless accounts using the game as a classification and even stopped new streamers from playing under the title. In the grand scheme of things, John and Jane were not the first to abuse the system however, they are the lucky first beneficiaries to receive full legal action against them.

The full extent of the claim Twitch made against the pair has been noted by Dot Esports as breaching their contract, trademark infringement, fraud and the unlawful use of the company's platform. As for when and where the lawsuit was filed, that was on June 14 in the State of California.

Do you think Twitch has made the correct decision in taking legal action against the pair?