Twitch has removed the recommended list on Ninja's channel

Ninja's channel on Twitch is no longer being used to promote other streamers on the site after controversy.

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Former Twitch profile Ninja has been killing it on Mixer since his move over to the Microsoft streaming site on August 1, amassing over 1.5 million followers in less than two weeks, making him the biggest streamer on Mixer by far.

His transition from Twitch to Mixer has been in the news for more than his numbers soaring, however, as Twitch refused to delete his account on the platform, using it to promote other streamers instead. Just recently, we reported on the fact that porn had been promoted on his page resulting in Ninja and Twitch CEO Emmett Shear apologising. Now, however, Twitch appears to have disabled the streamer recommendation section on Ninja's profile.

What are your thoughts regarding this controversy?

Twitch has removed the  recommended list on Ninja's channel

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