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Peacock's Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal trailer introduces Anthony Mackie and Will Arnett with Samoa Joe's body

Sweet Tooth is back!

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When PlayStation Productions and Peacock showed off the first poster for their Twisted Metal show yesterday, they also said we'd get a trailer today. Well, it was kind of weird to split those two things up.

Because we have as promised received the first trailer for Twisted Metal, but it's a teaser that doesn't really show anything surprising. We get a quick look at Anthony Mackie driving around while firing the guns on his car and a small taste of the "high-octane action comedy" that awaits in each half-hour episode before ending with Samoa Joe as the body of Sweet Tooth and Will Arnett's laugh. The biggest news in the teaser is the announcement that all ten episodes of Twisted Metal will become available on July 27.

Peacock's Twisted Metal

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